ERA System

ERA System

The innovative system for the management of water treatment for the catering industry

ERA is a set of devices allowing installers to carry out comprehensive service and maintenance on machinery used to treat water.

Thanks to ERA, installers can execute maintenance in an efficient way on multiple softeners installed in different locations, thus helping store managers as they will not have to bother with regeneration anymore.

ERA is ideal for bars, vending machines and, in general, wherever hot water is used.
All the different ERA components have been designed to help installers in their daily work, to reduce labour as well as to optimize cylinder replacement time. Era is composed of the following:

  • The ERV valve – when connected to the water network it can be installed on any cylinder in the ER series.
  • ER cylinders – they are filled with resin used to get soft water and are available in eight different sizes.
  • ERA regeneration equipment – it is used to carry out ER cylinders' regeneration. ERA opens up new opportunities for water treatment in the catering industry.

Coffee machines, ice-makers, hot beverages' vending machines and similar machinery, when connected to the ERA softener, will never run out of soft water.

Why soften the water?

The water supplied by the water mains, although of excellent quality, is rich in mineral salts that cause problems of limestone incrustation.

Softeners are the ideal equipment to avoid the problems caused by water rich in mineral salts.

The key to the proper functioning of softeners is their regeneration.

This procedure has always been the responsibility of the operators... until today!

A new "ERA" begins!

The ERA system provide a very easy procedure so as the streamline softeners from installation to regeneration.

Thanks to the ERA system, the installer will be able to offer customers a complete service, from supply to service.

Store managers will not have to care anymore about maintenance, repair and even regeneration procedures.

The technician engineer will be in the position to cover the full service.

Sectors of application

Their use is indispensable in catering and bar services, hot drink dispensers and anywhere where water is a raw material.
Indispensable in coffee machines to enhance the aroma. Useful for dishwashers, ice dispensers, ovens with steam cooking etc..

Coffee machines

Dishwashers and cup washers

Automatic drink dispenser

Ice dispensers

Steam cooking ovens

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ERA - Vantaggi del sistema ERA

The advantages of the ERA system

  • Installation of the softeners is quick and easy, just a simple click away.
  • The softener can be replaced by a reconditioned device at any time.
  • Replacement is fast and does not stop the water flow.
  • If a softener supplies water to a coffee machine, the coffee supply will not be disrupted during softener replacement

A revolutionary regeneration system!

  • The softeners can be regenerated in a different location from where they have been installed.
  • Thanks to "ERA", softeners can be regenerated by simply pressing a key.
  • The regeneration gearcase allows forsimultaneous refill of up to three cylinders having the same size (up to ER12).
  • Reconditioned softeners can be used straightaway.

ERA - Vantaggi del sistema ERA

ERA - Sistema ERA

One single valve for 8 models

The "ERA" system is made up of 8 different models at its disposal.
The valve connecting to the waterworks can be fixed to anyone of them.
Depending on consumption, it will be possible to install several softeners in the same operation and/or replace a small one with a larger one and vice versa.

ERA - Una valvola per 8 modelli

Models available with "ERV" valve device:
ER5 ,ER8, ER10, ER12, ER14, ER16, ER18, ER20

The innovative system for water treatment management

Era is aimed at installers who, with its help, will be able to connect and regenerate numerous softeners in different places, offering a new type of assistance. It will be a new criterion for water treatment in the catering sector.

Thanks to ERA, regeneration will become easy and you will no longer have to do it. The coffee machine, ice dispensers, hot beverage dispensers, etc., connected to the ER softener, will never run out of softened water.

ERA - Ampia apertura

Why ERA?

Bars, kitchens, drinks vending machines hot etc., are the most widespread places where the manual softeners find their best application.

The manual softener, while working correctly, it must be periodically regenerated to maintain its effectiveness. Often it happens that, for various reasons, managers or the persons in charge do not carry out regeneration due to lack of time, nullify the work of the softener .

By using ER softeners, you will no longer be able to necessary to carry out regeneration, but The ERA technician will take care of it.

ERA - Valvola ERV

Who is the ERA system for?

ERA is aimed at installers, who with its help, they will be able to propose themselves to the managers of the catering, bars, vending machines of hot drinks and in any environment where the water quality is important to maintain in efficiency the machines that use it.

ERA is a flexible system. Based on seasonal consumption requirements, you will be able to install ER softeners more or smaller without modifying the system water.

ERA - Schema di funzionamento
ERA - La stazione di rigenerazione ERA

The ERA regeneration station

The regeneration of ER cylinders is carried out with the ERA station. It consists of: a control unit, a brine vat to contain the salt and a filter positioned at the water inlet.

One, two or three cylinders can be regenerated at the same time, depending on their size. Once the cylinders are connected to the ERV valves of the ERA station, simply press the "START" button to start regeneration. The cylinders will be ready to be used again.

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How is the ERA system produced?

Entirely produced in Italy, the ERA system makes it extremely easy to manage softeners from installation to regeneration.

A step up from saving

The operator can monitor the water consumption of each water softener installed by performing simple calculations and can make a cost optimisation programme.