ISI Automatic Water Softeners

ISI Automatic Water Softeners

The ISI softener series, which proposes the ISI5, ISI8 and ISI12 models, is characterized by the 366 VALVE. Such devices are easily programmed, and feature the 3/8’’G and 3/4’’G water pipe couplings as well as a quick-pipe fitting. The ISI series softeners meet the needs of the catering industry and, more specifically, they are ideal for those technology applications based on water use – i.e.:coffee machines with 2/3/4 nozzles, cup washing machines, dishwashers, ice-makers, steam ovens, etc. These are one-piece softeners with a compact design so as not to use up too much space; consequently, they are easily installed where space is a relevant issue.

Fields of application

Coffee machines

Dishwashers and cup washers

Steam cooking ovens