KAIROS+ has been developed so as to improve softener efficiency; in fact, it is extremely useful  in managing regeneration cycle schedule.

KAIROS+ is used to measure and send out information on water  consumption  supplied by a softener.

Any information can be viewed by gaining access to a Web portal.

Softener status can be monitored so as to get to know the following information:

  • if it is supplying soft water;
  • if it is close to depletion;
  • if cylinder capacity is nearly over and, consequently, it needs to be replaced or regenerated.

In case two or more softeners are installed, the operator can easily check in real time their efficiency and remaining capacity.

The KAIROS+ system  ensures that equipment connected to the softeners will always be supplied with soft water even without physically controlling them on site.

When replacing the regeneration cylinder you do not need to remove KAIROS+.

Regeneration is a standard procedure that can be carried out when KAIROS+ is installed on the series IV and LT manual softeners. 

Fields of application

Coffee machines

Dishwashers and cup washers

Automatic drink dispenser

Ice makers

Steam cooking ovens