The Kairos flowmeter has been designed to monitor manual softeners' operation.

Kairos task is to warn when softener regeneration is to be carried out.

Thanks to an audible alarm and led light signaling, Kairos can tell when the water supplied is not soft water as well as when softener resin is close to depletion.

Kairos, used on manual softeners, is ideal for catering businesses, bars, canteens and, in general, wherever soft water is needed – i.e.: coffee machines, ice-makers, dishwashers, steam ovens, etc.

It can be embedded on all our manual softeners. In the ER model, it is directly installed in the ERV valve; as to the IV valve, it is based on a quick-pipe inlet. As to the LT model, a coupling is mounted on the outlet water tap.

Water liters are counted thanks to a turbine connected to a PCB that is programmable via some switches.

When installed in a coffee machine, Kairos is helpful in assessing how many hot beverage cups or coffee cups have been served.

Kairos can send information on total liters of treated water to an external device.

Fields of application

Coffee machines

Dishwashers and cup washers

Automatic drink dispenser

Steam cooking ovens

Domestic use and centralised systems