Manual water softeners

Manual water softeners

The LT and IV models are the two series of manual water softeners produced by DVA.

Safety, reliability and quality are the requirements that DVA softeners meet.
The LT and IV softeners are reliable and easy to use and are used to soften water used in coffee machines, cup washers, steam ovens, vending machines, dishwashers, etc.

The purpose of water softeners is to prevent the formation of limescale deposits caused by the hardness of the water itself. Through the use of ion exchange resins, the water treated by DVA softeners undergoes a reduction in the salts responsible for its hardness.

There are numerous advantages of installing a DVA water softener including the reduction of system maintenance costs and an increase in their duration and performance.

To guarantee the full efficiency of the water softeners, it is necessary to periodically regenerate the resins, a simple and safe operation which, carried out by a technician, takes from 20 to 40 minutes.