IV Series

The IV model is equipped with the semi-automatic IV valve made of thermoplastic, nylon material, certified and suitable for contact with food and drinking water. This material guarantees high rigidity and mechanical resistance comparable to aluminium and is highly resistant to chemical agents.
The water softener is equipped with 3/8"G and 3/4"G quick-connect water connections, which allow quick and easy installation.

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Product features

  • Semi-automatic valve in thermoplastic material with high rigidity, mechanical resistance and resistance to chemical agents
  • 3/8"G, 3/4"G quick-fit water connections for quick and easy installation
  • Rigenerazione semplificata in fasi sequenziali
  • Erogazione dell’acqua in fase di rigenerazione
  • Mixer
  • Electricity not required
  • Compliant with Reg. n.1935/2004/EC and with the Ministerial Decree n. 174/2004

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The IV valve

The IV valve is completely made of certified plastic material suitable for contact with food and drinking water. The material used is nylon which guarantees high rigidity and mechanical resistance comparable to aluminium. Another excellent quality of the material is its resistance to chemical agents.

Simple regeneration

The regeneration of the resins is facilitated by the sequential phase process and is carried out by manually rotating the valve knob in 4 positions:

1. Exercise
2. Pressure relief and salt loading
3. Resin rinse
4. Backwash

During regeneration, water usage is possible by the machines connected to the softener.
If there is a need to have residual hardness in the outgoing water, there is a mixer inside the valve which has the task of conveying a part of the incoming hard water directly to the outlet, so that it mixes with softened water.

Fields of application

Some of the major fields of application

Additional information

Water pipe connections

3/4", 3/8"

Nominal flow rate

4 bar 800 l/h

Infeed water pressure

min 1 bar – max 8 bar

Room temperature

min 4°C – max 35°C

Water temperature

min 6°C – max 25°C