ISI Series

The ISI series has 4 models: ISI5, ISI8, ISI12 and REK.

ISI water softeners stand out for their compact and easy to handle design and can be installed in confined spaces. They offer high performance with small dimensions, in particular ISI5 and ISI8 deliver a notable quantity of softened water considering their size.

The water connections part of the softener is easily removable to facilitate its maintenance.

Programming is simple and quick and it is protected by a password, which has the function of protecting the softener from possible tampering.

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Product features

  • Compact line that takes up little space
  • Suitable for installation in confined spaces
  • High performance with small dimensions
  • Simple, fast and password protected programming
  • Removable water connections for easy maintenance
  • Anti-flooding option
  • 3/4''G and 3/8''G water connections
  • Grill in the brine to dissolve the salt evenly
  • Available in chronometric or volumetric version

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Fields of application

Some of the major fields of application

Additional information

Water pipe connections

3/4", 3/8"

Nominal flow rate

4 bar 1500 l/h

Infeed water pressure

min 2 bar – max 6 bar

Room temperature

min 4°C – max 35°C

Water temperature

min 6°C – max 25°C