MINI and MAXI Water softeners

The MINI and MAXI water softeners of the GIX series are compact with a refined design to facilitate installation and are characterized by excellent mechanical qualities that make them robust and reliable. They are able to optimize regeneration times and water consumption based on the size of the cylinder and the quantity of resin inside it.

Simple to install and program, they are very reliable and have low operating costs. Once programmed they are completely autonomous in their functions.

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Product features

  • Compact, robust and reliable
  • Optimized regeneration times and water consumption
  • Simple to install and program
  • Available in chronometric (Timer 740) or volumetric (Timer 760) versions
  • 1/2''G and 3/4''G water connections
  • Mixer
  • Anti-flooding option available

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Additional information

Water pipe connections

1/2” G (F) o 3/4” G (F)

Nominal flow rate

4 bar 1500 l/h

Infeed water pressure

min 2 bar – max 8 bar

Room temperature

min 4°C – max 35°C

Water temperature

min 6°C – max 25°C