GIX Series

The GIX5, GIX8 RC, GIX12 models are part of the series of softeners equipped with the LOGIX valve in the chronometric or volumetric version.

They are robust and reliable, simple to install and program and completely autonomous in their functions.

The LOGIX valve is characterized by high mechanical reliability and its operation is coordinated by a timer that offers countless functions.

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Product features

  • Robust cabin
  • Simple to install and program
  • High mechanical reliability of the LOGIX valve
  • Mixer
  • 1/2''G and 3/4''G water connections
  • Optional anti-flooding
  • Available in chronometric (Timer 740) or volumetric (Timer 760) versions
  • Data block to avoid modifications by unauthorized parties
  • Compliant with Reg. n.1935/2004/EC and with the Ministerial Decree n. 174/2004

The LOGIX valve

Intended for the GIX and Mini-Maxi series, as well as some big non-cabined automatic softeners, the LOGIX valve is characterized by high mechanical reliability and its operation is coordinated by a timer that offers countless functions. The LOGIX valve can manage both small water softeners with 5 litres volume cylinders and larger 100 litres volume cylinders and allows a maximum hourly flow rate of 1500 litres/hour.

Chronometric version (TIMER 740)

Simple to program and highly reliable, it is the most well-known and appreciated type. It has customized programs aimed at reducing the regeneration time and quantity of water used to carry out resin regeneration. The timer can be programmed to regenerate on a specific day of the week or after a certain amount of time from the previous regeneration. Once programming is completed, it is possible to prevent unauthorized parties from modifying the data entered.

Volumetric version (TIMER 760)

This model does not require programming of the days on which to carry out regeneration as it is able to detect the volume of water that passes through the resins and automatically carry out the regeneration. The volumetric version is recommended for large water softeners or in contexts characterized by discontinuous water consumption. It is also possible to block access to the set data to prevent modification from unauthorized parties.

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Discover the GIX8 RC model

The GIX8 RC model has a new cabin with multiple strengths. The large opening for salt loading, which remains attached to the salt container when opening, makes it easier to insert salt into the brine tank and protects the upper part of the softener from possible impacts. Built-in flood protection and overflow connection systems. The innovative system for releasing the cylinder from the brine body that facilitates cleaning and maintenance of the softener.

Fields of application

Some of the major fields of application

Additional information

Water pipe connections

1/2", 3/4"

Nominal flow rate

4 bar 1500 l/h

Infeed water pressure

min 2 bar – max 6 bar

Room temperature

min 4°C – max 35°C

Water temperature

min 6°C – max 25°C